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If you are in Sälen in the Winter we can recommend a visit to Lindvallens Fäbod. Lindvallens Fäbod is a farm hill pasture in the middle of Lindvallen. We serve coffee and waffles. In the winter we are open Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 45pm. For more information, follow us on:

Jonas i Sälen Game Fair 2-3 of June 2018.

Jonas i Sälen can arrange holidays with unique content for companies and large family groups. We have luxury cabins from 10 to 24 beds fully equipped with everything from a sauna to spa. We can offer tailor-made solutions which include a private chef who makes your breakfast, lunch and dinner in the cabin, snowmobile transport and safaris. If you want to try something very special we recommend a dinner at our farm hill pasture – Lindalens Fäbod. The farm hills history goes all the way back to 1734.

Lindvallens Fäbod and Östfjällets Fäbod are two other farm hill pastures powered by Jonas i Sälen. Lindvallens Fäbod has a café where you can enjoy waffles and local delicacies, for example, bread, pastries and biscuits baked in our wood burning stove.

If you are skiing in Tandådalen you will probably have lunch at Tandådalens Wärdshus or Cafe Pulsen, both powered by Jonas i Sälen. We welcome you to join our famous and genuine After ski (Apres ski) at Tandådalens Wärdshus. Ski boot dancing, live music, hot and cold drinks.

We hope that you want more from Sälen holiday than just downhill and cross-country skiing? Can we interest you to try ice sculpturing or to take a horse sledge tour? Check us out.

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